CorrosionX, the next evolution in effective corrosion prevention, lubrication and penetration for virtually any job BIG or small. Try CorrosionX once we are sure you'll never look back...

CorrosionX Marine

CorrosionX Marine is specially formulated for the Marine industry. 

Some of the major clients include 

the likes of U.S Navy, U.S Coast Guard, U.S Army, German Bundeswehr and many others. 

This product qualifies to MIL-PRF-81309G specification as Corrosion Preventive Compound (CPC).

As such, CorrosionX can be used to:

Prevent Corrosion -Excellent penetration, water displacement and Polar Bonding technology provide Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC), which eliminates electrolytic action and will not crack or be displaced by water. 

However, due to its unique technology, CorrosionX exceeds the MIL-SPEC requirements.
Where it exceeds the MIL-Spec requirement is in its ability to:

Stop Corrosion
 - By stopping the further electrolytic action. 

Protect Electronics - CorrosionX with its penetrant, water displacement, corrosion protection and high Dielectric properties, virtually eliminates the need for dehumidification of the electronics and its related costs. 

Lubricate - In addition to its corrosion fighting properties, CorrosionX is also a super lubricant and penetrant. It lubricates under heavy loads and high temperatures. You'll see the difference and never look back one you've tried CorrosionX. 
CorrosionX penetrates like nothing you've ever used. Corroded or rusted nuts, bolts or fittings can usually be removed within a few minutes